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At Hawaii Plumbing Group, we can fix that through our cure in place epoxy lining, wherever you are in Honolulu. Large or small projects, we can do it. It begins with us putting together the best alternatives for you so you can make an informed decision.

We'll also help you affordably repair or replace your aging sewer and water infrastructure, with the minimum of inconvenience and down time to operating establishments. We're the specialist for cure in place epoxy lining in Honolulu and turnkey repipe throughout Hawaii.

All though relatively new to Hawaii, CIPP technology was established by Perma-Liner in 1998 to provide plumbers, contractors and municipalities the Cured-In-Place-Pipe (CIPP) systems. It is aimed specifically at the municipal / residential / commercial markets and is supported by a range of updated and newly developed "trenchless" pipe repairing techniques.

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 IAPMO (approved)

 Epoxy Lining for Vertical and      Lateral applications is Hawaii's  first system to be approved by

 the Honolulu City and County,  with IAPMO and UPC approval  as well.

 We recommend Perma-Liner Industry Products

Epoxy Type Lining

A number of factors can cause corrosion in piping systems, which eventually results in pinhole leaks, brittle, cracked pipes and other major plumbing system failures.

Scaling & mineral build-up and sludge escalates, decreasing your pipe diameter and reducing water and sewage flow to a trickle. 

 CIPP - Trenchless Epoxy Lining Technology

Hawaii Plumbing Group's cure in place epoxy lining in Honolulu