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Hawaii Plumbing Group is an Authorized Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor. Find out about Mitsubishi's top quality electric cooling and heating solutions plus what we can do for you on our Mitsubishi A/C page.

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Our Inspections Checklist

Evaporator coils                Blower Motor

Drive Belts                        Drive Pulleys

Evaporator Fan Blades     Filters

Condensate Drain Line     Thermostat Controls  

Condensate Drain Pan     Condenser coils
Electrical Connections      Compressor
Condenser Fan Motor       Bearings and Mounts
Condenser Fan Blades     Condenser coils 


Commercial & Residential

Refrigeration - Mini-Splits - Central

All systems will one day need repair or replacement, but there's no substitute for a well maintained HVAC system. We strongly recommend regularly scheduled maintenance programs.

Call today to schedule your maintenance or repair - (808) 842-999


Mini Splits - Central - Window - Portable

There are different types of systems that fit different spaces & needs, so choosing the right system depends on many factors. 

Call us today at (808) 842-9999 and our experts will design the best application for your conditions and needs.


Commercial & Residential

Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

Routine HVAC system servicing will pay dividends in the long run.  

Help ensure peak performance from your systems with our customized commercial or residential preventive maintenance program that provides you with regularly scheduled tune ups and maintenance for your entire HVAC system.

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Commercial & Residential A/C and Refrigeration Systems