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Nuuanu home, registered with the Hawaiian Historic Society 

Located in Nuuanu. Honolulu, Hawaii,
Built before 1946 this Hawaiian Historical Home situated in lush Nuuanu valley.
This historical home had  kitchen, bathroom and laundry water leaks.
The piping system was located behind all the walls, in the second floor ceiling, under the house and behind the shower tiles. Shower replacement WAS not an option.
Hawaii Plumbing Group, LLC designed a “turnkey” system that removed the galvanized pipes and replaced them with new cooper without damaging the showers stalls/tiles, and the wall paper
The water pipes were successfully replaced with minimal inconvenience to the buildings residents and damage to it's historic value.
"We are pleased to announce another successful project and proudly add this Nuuanu Historic home to our happy and satisfied customers".

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