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Repipe with Cast Iron, PVC or ABS

For Waste leaks inside walls, under the foundation and behind cabinets   

What is repiping?

Hawaii Plumbing Group LLC are the specialist for turnkey repipe in Honolulu and throughout the entire State, Re-piping is a process of replacing the pipes in a dwelling, business or high rise. Repiping is a complete replacement of your plumbing system. Repiping often consist of the potable water or the waste line systems. Unfortunately nothing last forever. Although many thought that the cast iron waste, galvanized and copper pipes were a sure thing forever, today we're finding that, on average, their cost effective life is actually forty five years.

There are several reasons for you to repipe! One of the most important is that corroded water pipes will result in low water pressure, rusty colored water, reduced water flow or pinhole leaks. Acidity from food and human waste causes corrosion of cast iron waste lines from the inside out, while elements of mother nature attack from the outside in. 

Planning a remodel?

If you're going to remodel it is a great time to repipe. Do below grade work before you replace the flooring or counters. Do above ground work before you hang cabinets, close, paint or finish your walls. It is important to understand the scope of the project before work is started. If you notice an isolated leak or a small portion of your existing piping leaking, or valves that are brittle, corroded,  cracked or pitted, it is quite possibly an indication of a larger problem. With an average life expectancy of 45 years, the convenience and peace of mind of replacing your pipes today will surely outweigh demolition and the added costs of waiting.  

Why HPG?

Hawaii Plumbing Group llc (HPG) is your one stop, turnkey repipe specialist. HPGs team is a licensed plumbing and building contractor. HPG is a locally owned Hawaii company servicing all seven islands. We are proud to be your only "affordable" home based repipe plumbing company, we are proud that we only service Hawaii and we are proud to be the David among the Goliath's. At HPG our mission is not to repipe every project, our Mission is to Repipe Hawaii at a reasonable cost. Plus:

Longevity - to guarantee that we'll be here for you down the road,

Reliability - we will start and finish on time,

Commitment - once a customer always a customer for life and

Service - we will not leave you in a lurch. Ever. 

We offer solutions and alternatives to every plumbing situation. A repipe project is huge, it is stressful and, if done incorrectly, it is costly. We work hand-in-hand with you from your first phone or online contact all the way to your project completion. We're committed to finding affordable solutions that don't sacrifice quality.

Community education is of the utmost importance, along with budgeting, scope of work, planning, scheduling, holding town hall meetings, owner communication and notification. Then comes mobilization, plan implementation and, every owners happiest day, project completion. From concept to completion you can depend on Hawaii Plumbing Group.

Get an Estimate for Repiping at Your Hawaii Business or Residence

We have years of repiping experience behind us, so we know we can get your job done - and done right. We're Hawaii's  turnkey repipe in Honolulu, Maui, Hawaii and Kauai.  Call Hawaii Plumbing Group today at (808) 842-9999 and we'll give you the straight story on the issues you're facing with your pipes.

 High or low rise buildings, Community associations, Hotels and Neighborhood tracks    

Repipe with Copper or PEX

For Water Leaks

- Scalded or frozen in the shower when someone flushes

- Low water pressure 

- Pinhole leaks

- Corrosion & Pitting

- Plumbing repair

Repiping in Honolulu, Hawaii

Above Ground or Below Grade Repipe Specialist