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As Hawaii homes approach the age of 60+ years, and buildings and community associations approach 40+ years, it's common to experience frequent, costly emergency water infiltration, sewer waste leaks and kitchen back-up repairs. Is this common across Hawaii? What is the cause? Is there an affordable fix? Here's the answers.

Is this common to Hawaii?: Perhaps it would better stated: Is this common to the U.S.? All cities, across the nation, are experiencing this situation. Unfortunately, Hawaii seems to have accelerated the condition due to our geographical location and unique circumstances, like SALT!  

What is the cause?: Although we consider Hawaii paradise, our climate and soil conditions are conducive to salt. It's clear that the closer you live to the ocean, the sooner you'll experience pipeline failure.

Is there an affordable fix?: That's the million dollar question! Many ask when does a proper fix outweigh emergency spot repairs? At Hawaii Plumbing Group (HPG) we specialize in complete plumbing repair and or replacement. We do not just offer one solution. We give you the right solution that best fits your needs. We do site walks, review plans (blueprints) and meet with community associations and/or homeowners, all before we offer a repair estimate. HPG believes in thoroughly reviewing ALL possible options with you. 

What if you have a limited budget?: As you can imagine, many communities are unaware of this sleeping giant (brittle, corroded, pitted & cracked pipes) - until something serious happens. Due to our "turnkey" methods, our experience & our history as a general & plumbing contractor, HPG is able to control our major costs, which in turn, allows us to pass the savings on to you

Why choose Hawaii Plumbing Group?: One might consider HPG to be a small, local company that cannot compete with the major mainland giants. We have two comments - 1) "you get what you pay for" and 2) David and Goliath. HPG is a proud locally owned and operated Hawaii corporation, specializing in MAJOR repipe / retrofit repair and replacement solutions. We run a tight ship, controlling costs and streamlining the repipe process, resulting in savings for you and your community. At HPG we know that we won't win every project, but the projects we are awarded will be started and completed on time and on budget. That we do know.

What is the meaning of  "turnkey"?: HPG is a licensed "turnkey" plumbing contractor which means all our work is preformed In-House. Many owners do not realize the complexity of a repipe project. We do the asbestos abatement, saw cutting of walls, potable water, waste and vent replacement, insulation, fire stopping, tile repair, drywall repair and paint. From concept to completion you deal with HPG only! 

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